A visible and secure purpose

i9DC believes that owning the infrastructure is the way to facilitate, optimize, and democratize access to operations within the B3 data center.

With this resource, it is possible to create a secure, efficient, and low-latency environment that, with procedures and processes aligned with technical, operational, and legal standards, delivers better results to its clients.


Electronic Trading is with i9DC​

Specialized Services

With a specialized bilingual team and an office located 5 minutes away from the B3 Data Center, we can help in all client demands, offering both ad hoc support and monthly contracts. We have a process for registering support requests and providing monthly service reports.

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HFT Hardware

Multiple options of servers and specific ultra-low latency peripherals with high-performance processing designed for financial market applications. Process for supplying equipment to non-residents with local or overseas payment.

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B3 Colocation as a Service

Through an infrastructure that is invisible to the customer, designed to guarantee access availability in real time, we deliver speed and agility to the operation. All this supported by optimized processes and an experienced and qualified team.

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Trust our experience

We help your business

Solutions to your problem

By providing infrastructure within the B3 Colocation, Trading Systems, and Hardware for HFT, i9DC can meet all your needs.

24x7 service

We serve institutions and their non-resident clients directly, without the need to allocate a resource from the contracting company for this activity. This service is supported by a monthly contract or on an ad hoc basis.

Technical Team

All professionals at i9DC have extensive experience in the financial market, with successful track records in major banks and brokerages in Brazil.


We tailor our services to your needs, offering 30-day contracts without penalties or waiting periods.

Pillars of i9DC

Our journey passes through here



Through our own infrastructure, we aim to streamline and democratize operations within the B3 Colocation.



We establish partnerships that deliver results through processes aligned with B3 regulations.



With low-latency infrastructure, a specialized team, and an office located just 5 minutes away from the B3 Data Center, we are always available to assist our clients.



A business is only good when both parties benefit. Our client’s success is our success.

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