We are your specialized technical support in Colocation B3.
I9DC can support and support monthly with a specialized technical staff within this computing environment.
We help from your project to enter this data center, following the definition and quotation of equipment, installation within B3 until the sending of your first order to the trading hub of B3.
Additionally, we act as facilitators between the participance / institution and the operational and business areas of the Exchange, shortening the understanding and the beginning of its operation.


Our service is bilingual in 24 × 7 mode.
We can support institutions and their non-resident clients directly, and it is not necessary to allocate a resource from the contracting company for this activity.
We operate on a contractual and punctual basis, within B3’s colocationa for our customers and on specific or emergency demands.


With an office located 3 minutes from the SPA, we have the necessary agility for emergency assistance, reducing the downtime of the institution or its customers.