What is a Managed Services Provider?

It is a service modality within the B3 Data Center (Colocation), made possible by i9DC for participants who seek access to this computing environment, to host their trading platforms, access the certification environment, have access to the productive market data and send orders to PUMA.
i9DC was B3’s first MSP and today has its own infrastructure with low-latency switches, contingent internet (with its own ASN) and rack units available for installing its own servers or customers.
This entire structure is provided as a service, with a specialized technical team to support its customers.

i9DC Infrastructure

Today i9DC has an infrastructure composed of:

  • Low-Latency Switch – Cisco Nexus Line
  • Administration Switch – Cisco
  • Edge Firewall – Cisco
  • 300Mb internet access provided by different operators
  • Own ASN for redundant VPN configuration and access via public IP
  • Fiber connectivity to the PUMA environment

Access to the B3 Ecosystem

The i9DC infrastructure has access to the following environments:

  • Trade (PUMA) – Feed A and Feed B
  • Post-Trade
  • Certification

B3 Certification Environment

i9DC provides full access to B3’s certification environment, allowing its customers to install their own servers, provided by i9DC via rental or using our VPS (virtual private server) servers.

All FIX sessions required to use this environment are provided by i9DC, and access to this environment can be via VPN or dedicated IP.

Cabinets Rental

In the past, companies set up their trade infrastructure in Data Centers near B3, the so-called Proximity.

Today the reality is different, the participant has flexible options and on demand.

Your infrastructure can remain whole within B3’s Colocation, taking advantage of one of the best facilities in Latin America and with 1Gbp connections to the stock’s trading core.