Specialized in Financial Market

I9DC is a hardware distributor focused on the Financial Market.

We work only with companies that are a reference in the market and have solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.

In our projects, we will not be working with cheaper solutions or that will not meet the desired expectations. We will always follow the recommendations described and show options, if applicable, for other equipment that can better meet this demand.

Services to Non-Residents

The great difficulty for foreigners (non-residents) to start their operations in Brazil is the lack of a local registration (CNPJ) for the acquisition of equipment.

i9DC solved this problem and offers two ways to meet this demand:

  • Hardware as a Service, with direct payment by the Non-Resident
  • Acquisition in the USA, with payment in the USA and shipping to Brazil

In both cases, i9DC assists the non-resident in the whole process: Starting with the assessment of the BOM, adequacy of specifications, quotations, receipt and installation.